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Who We Are

Plaza Westport Neighborhood-

A distinct identity that spans North Plaza to Westport

The Plaza Westport Neighborhood Association is made up of people who care about our neighborhood. Led by a volunteer Board of Directors, we work together to improve the place where we live, work, and play. Anyone who lives or works in the Plaza Westport area is welcome as a member, whether homeowner, renter, employer, or employee. Businesses in the vicinity are also welcome.


Our goal is to build and maintain a friendly, vibrant, and safe neighborhood. We need your help to do so. Join now and get active.

The Plaza Westport Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(4) organization. 

Yearly membership dues are voluntary for attending association meetings; however only dues-paying members are allowed to vote. 2021 dues are $25 per residential household and $55 for businesses/other organizations. Dues can be paid at regular meetings or mailed to:

PO Box 10243
Kansas City, MO 64171


Please complete the membership application and include with your payment.


Officers Of PWNA

President - Robert Martin 
Vice President - Christina Boveri
Secretary/Treasurer - Matt Fuoco

Our Mission

The Plaza/Westport Neighborhood Association represents residents between Westport Road and 46th Street and between Broadway and Madison Avenue. Being in a prime location between the Plaza and Westport, our urban neighborhood is unique, diverse, friendly, and small in scale. 

Our agenda is as follows:

* Preserve existing single family dwellings and restrict large-scale development

* Promote owner occupancy

* Enforce high standards on rental properties

* Decrease automobile traffic and promote pedestrian-friendly streets

* Improve curbs and sidewalks

* Maintain and expand public green space protect our mature trees

* Celebrate diversity within the neighborhood



General Membership Meeting!!!!

Open to all neighbors!

Location:  Hampton Inn and Suites, 4600 Summit St.
When:  November 4th @ 6:30PM


  • Elect 2022 Officers and Directors

  • Meet your neighbors

  • Learn about upcoming development projects in the neighborhood

  • Get involved in citywide civic issues

  • Masks will be required and social distancing measures taking

  • We can't wait to see you there!!!

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